Keystone Group Holding was formally established in 2006 by Farid Al-Azem. Since 1999 and under a different name, the company has invested in more than 16 deals in real estate with a total value exceeding USD 170 millions. Keystone’s investments have generated superior returns and are mainly focused on prime locations in Beirut.

Whether you are searching for high quality real estate or looking to invest, sell or co-develop a property, you have definitely arrived at the right address.

Keystone Group Holding

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    Rachid Karame Street Verdun Tel.: +9611810468
    Mob.: +9613186461


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Projects by this developer

Al Waha gardens 5061 Property Developments
Verdun 2409 Property Developments
Les Jardins de Mar Elias Property Developments
The Jeanne d'arc 231 Property Developments


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