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N.N.N.N :
Presented as a mind in four parts: four men in a permanent state of tacit union. Rhythmically, to the whispers of music by Thom Willems, the dancers draw a complex and intense register with their bodies. Arms, heads, chests and legs become singular voices, each in harmony and in counterpoint with the other. The men write a text of the body’s voice, first slowly and then with increasing speed, merging into an entity of strength and joints that flex with a pervasive sense of time and the sublime.

The Vile Parody of Address:
With the delicacy of twilight after the storm, The Vile Parody of Address speaks with a whisper. The dancers individually appear in a series of solos that impact, sculpt and sigh over the entire space. A series of equations imagined the evening, so dark and of thin air impelled by the calm voice of the narrator, whose head is only visible in the background. The well-tempered harpsichord of J.S. Bach enriches the sound structure in which the dancers move and weave increasing clarity into the air that culminates into an intricate and complex duet of passion.

William Forsythe’s Chamber Works:
William Forsythe’s Chamber Works, is presented by dancers from The Forsythe Company and is composed of three pieces by William Forsythe that have not been part of the company’s repertoire for a while.


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