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Kanzi Kamel 06 Jun 2013

Five Things to Do on a First Date in Beirut

So you’ve taken your better half to every possible restaurant in Beirut. There’s nothing good in the cinemas and your wallet’s gotten significantly lighter since you’ve started dating. Guys, gals, calm your potatoes. There’s no need for weekly roses and gourmet dinners. Here’s five things you can do in Beirut for your partner. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

1. Beirut by Bike

There’s nothing better than getting physical. For just 5,000 LL an hour, you two lovebirds can cruise down the Mediterranean coast. It’s exercise and a date all in one. After all, like the old saying goes, “Life is like riding a bike. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Or something like that.

Beirut by Bike has centers all across Beirut, so you can rent a bike from one location and drop it off at the other. Check out the list of locations here.

Photo via blogspot.com

2. Go to a rooftop.

One thing that”s drop-dead gorgeous about this city is its landscape. Find some rooftop cafe or restaurant, take a light jacket, and get ready to forfeit conversation in favor of staring at the scenery. Seriously, with a view like that, you won’t need conversation to make your date an awesome one.

Check out our Beirut City Guide for the sweetest rooftops in town.

3. Go paint balling.

As a girl, I freaking love paint ball. It’s legit one of the funnest things to do in a group of people–especially if one of them is your boyfriend. Word of advice: don’t be on the same team. Pitching lovers against each other hashes out all sorts of tension… If you know what I mean. That is, unless he’s the jealous type who can’t stand losing. In which case, you should probably be on the same team. Or, you know, dump him.

Xtrem Paintball is your best bet in Beirut. With outdoor and underground paintball courts, you’ll have the most colorful (literately) time of your life.

Photo via flickr.com

4. Get lost.

Hands down, the best thing to do, ever. There’s nothing better in life than to get lost in a place you know. Switch off your cellphone GPS–better yet, switch off your cellphone completely–and set off into the unknown. Don’t think. Don’t plan. Just go. Find yourself in a completely new town. Try the little food station on the corner that looks fishy, but really has the best falafel of your life. Talk to locals and get a vibe of the Beirut you didn’t know existed a few feet from your daily routine. If this doesn’t work as the ultimate bonding exercise, nothing will.

5. Take a walk on the Corniche.

We’re in freaking Beirut city for god’s sake. We’re in a country completely bordered by the Mediterranean. Lebanon has mountains, plains, fields of grass, and sandy beaches. You’ve heard the old tourist colloquialism, “Beirut is kiteer amazing! You can go skiing and swimming in the same day!”

After all, what’s more romantic than walking barefoot on the beach?