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Christina Fakhry 19 Dec 2014

Fifteen Things You Already Forgot Happened in 2014

So you think 2014 was ‘meh’? Here’s a roundup of the things you forgot happened this year.

1. The #StripForJackie campaign

And the drama queen award of 2014 goes to: LEBANON!

2. Flappy Bird mania

The struggle was real…

3. A baby was born in the middle of a Zalka road…

Don’t even ask.

4. Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany in the World Cup semi-final

(Image via Vox)

[Emotional scar of the century]

5. The word “bae” became an internet sensation

Linguistic starvation at its finest…

6. Former Miss Lebanon Karen Ghrawi took an epic spill

(Image via Blog of the Boss)

And of course everyone had to drama queen it.

7. Saad Hariri came back for a short visit in August

8. Tripoli’s mayor chivalrously banned alcohol ads

(Image via )

And we eventually had to enlighten the public about the ten things that should actually be banned in Lebanon.

9. A crocodile casually found refuge in the Beirut River

(Image via Daily Star)

…before being captured by a fisherman in April.

10. Everyone passed their official exams

(Image via Daily Star)

Also Hanna Gharib became the top TV sensation.

11. Fourteen bombings struck Lebanon, including twin bombings in Tripoli and Bir Hassan

(Image via Majalla)

12. Robin Williams took his life

13. Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a drug overdose

14. Amal Alamuddin restored Lebanese pride

Oh and George suddenly became the brother-in-law of the entire Lebanese population.

15. Pharrell’s Happy took over radio stations, and your life

“A room without a roof” also became a legitimate feeling… because logic.