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Abdulsalam Shalashtein 03 Feb 2015

This is How Twitter Reacted to Nasrallah’s Speech on Friday (With A Whole Lot of Sass)

On Friday, January 30, I was working on my PC when a loud boom interrupted my Coldplay song ‘Magic’ (love that tune). The boom was followed by another boom, and another, and another… by the time the fourth explosion’s echo subsided I got kind of worried. So as any other adult in Lebanon would have done, I opened Twitter to check out what the hell was going on. Turned out Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah was giving a speech. Here are some of my favorite tweets in response to the celebratory firework, gunfire, and RPGs. Warning: a lot of sass ahead.

(In English it Reads: “As if we need the horror”)

(In English it Reads: “Sorry, but what does all this have to do with Lebanon?”)

(In English it Reads: “mom calls brother: Yeah, honey don’t shoot”)

(In English it Reads: “Sheep”)

(In English it Reads: “They’re puling Israelis by the throat yet can’t take down these hooligans that are firing”)

(In English it Reads: “I’m afraid this country will blow up by acident”)

(In English it Reads: “Nasrallah’s about to go on screen, in other words lets light up dahye with gunfire”)

(In English it Reads: “Thanks god I made it out of Tarik Al Jadideh alive”)

(In English it Reads: “I hope the that the people shooting die by stray bullets”)

(In English it Reads: “I’ll watch the speech later on YouTube I still need to finish up my ammo”)

(In English it Reads: “My neighbor’s floor is popping up #StrayBullets”)