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Lama Hajj 12 Feb 2015

Say Hello To The Lebanese Kardashians

If you’ve ever paused and thought to yourself, “this world needs more Kardashians” – congratulations, your wishes are about to come true!

Mondanite magazine, a pioneer in intellectual stimulation and scientific discovery, revealed plans the LBC network has for a Kardashian-esque reality show called ‘The Sisters.’ From the promos released on Instagram – we get a preview of the delightful mess headed our way. We will get to see the girls working out, tossing up peace signs, and arguing about being late to a photo-shoot. LOL. CLASSIC SISTER STUFF. JUST AN UNPARALLELED LOLLER-COASTER.

(Image via Instagram)

What they think it says: We’re adorbs and wear matching outfits!
What it really says: We can’t read…do all our shirts say the same word?!

(Image via Instagram)

What they think it says: I love my sister.
What it really says: Did you just fart? I will cut you, b*itch.

(Image via Instagram)

What they think it says: We’re Santa’s sexy helpers.
What it really says: This is the last thing we remember before the roofies kicked in.

(Image via Instagram)

What they think it says: We work out together and love staying fit!
What it really says: Our legs are permanently stuck this way, send help.

(Image via Instagram)

What they think it says: We’re hot, what every man wants.
What it really says: Our mom got this scrap of cloth on sale and made us three dresses!

Kim Kardashian was able to generate $18 million in revenue after a sham wedding, so good luck to you girls. May you play the game well enough to marry a narcissist, and may you amass such obscene amounts of fame that you become icons for a generation of douchelords.

P.S. Dear LBC, I too come from a family of three sisters. We don’t work out or go to fashion events or anything, but we do get buzzed and kiss our dog on the mouth. A lot. Hit me up!