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Lama Hajj 06 May 2015

Nine Women On The Worst Thing Their Friends Have Done To Them

Friends are great! Until they suck, then they really suck…Here are nine women on the worst thing their friends have done to them, the main conclusion is that kids are dicks to each other.

“This was a long time ago but it still pisses me off. I used to be so obsessed with Westlife and was so excited that they were coming to Lebanon, me and my 4 best friends at the time made plans to go together. They then told me that their parents said no, so I was devastated because I couldn’t go alone. I later found out that they went together without me.” – Anonymous, 24.

“In first grade I had to get my tonsils removed and one kid in class told everyone that they took me to the hospital because I peed myself all the time, it managed to stick for a few years!” – Lara, 23.

“In High School my best friend at the time spread a rumor that I was a lesbian and tried to have sex with her, I have no idea why.” – Karma, 29.

“I had a friend in tenth grade who would constantly steal from me. One day she stole my cell phone and I got in trouble with my parents for “losing it.” – Anonymous, 27.

“My friend is dating my ex-fiancé. Enough said.” – Anonymous, 30.

“When my best friend in college got busted by her parents for smoking weed she told them I gave it to her and that I was the one who bullied her into doing it, they called my parents and it was a huge thing.” – Racha, 25.

“My worst experience ever was when I was very young and started a new school in second grade, some of the girls told everyone they saw me peeing while standing up and that I was actually a boy.” – Anonymous, 26.

“My “best friend” was sleeping with my boyfriend for the whole three years that we were together.” – Anonymous, 29.

“She didn’t come to my wedding because she said she was sick with a headache…” – Nadya, 35.