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Angie Nassar 24 Jun 2015

Revenge Never Looked So Deadly (Or Cool) at New Beirut Exhibit

So can we all just take a moment to appreciate some of the works on display at the Smogallery exhibit this month titled, “Revenge”?

It’s like a wildly unsubtle interpretation of hate-fueled feelings for ruined relationships come to life in artistic form.

Take a look at some of the piece on display, and you’ll see exactly what I mean:

The ‘Two Peas in a Pod’ sculptural lamp by Celine & Tatiana Stephan just sort of says to me: not even an obtuse-looking sculpture that might resemble a sewing machine will ever bring us together again.

This one’s called ‘Ice Breaker’ by Georges Mohasseb. I picture it as more of a ball crusher though.

If you’ve ever thoroughly “visited” the Internet or a whore house, then you’ve heard the phrase, “glory hole.” I’m pretty sure there’s nothing pleasurable about this ‘Glory Holes’ Table by Richard Yasmine. No, I’m positive.

The ‘Gallows’ lamp by Eva Szumilas sort of perfectly sums up what I wanted to do to my ex-boyfriend after I found out he cheated on me by going down on a dude last summer.

The ‘Bleeding Soul’ Mirror by Richard Yasmine allows you to look in the mirror and remind yourself how much better off you are without that heartless bastard/bastardess in your life.

I have no idea what this has to do with revenge, but I’m still digging this ‘Disposable Heroes’ suspension light by Cyrille Najjar. If he’s trying to tell me to get blackout drunk in a hopelessly futile attempt to forget my past relationships, then he’s my kinda guy.

You can be the king of games with this ‘Nemesis’ Chess table by Carla Baz.