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Lama Hajj 05 Mar 2016

5 Funny Problems Celebrities Faced In The Middle East

Funny, weird, sad. Celebrities are just like us! But sometimes, they go to the Middle East and have no fucking clue about what they’re getting themselves into.

Here are the top five times celebrities found themselves in the heart of controversy after visiting the the Middle East:

Paris Hilton vows to sue plane prankster

Socialite and renowned astrophysicist Paris Hilton vowed to take legal action against everyone involved in the Egyptian prank show, Ramez in Control. The dumb show carried out the cruel prank of pretending that the plane is going to crash, and filming celebrities’ reactions. Hilton described the experience as ‘horrifying’ and saying she was ‘totally freaked out.’ The stunt was inappropriate, cruel, and dangerous. But it was still fun to see Paris cry.

Rihanna gets kicked out of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Superstar Rihanna was asked to leave the grounds of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque after she had a photo shoot in front of the mosque. ‘Cause you know, when you think mosque, you immediately think of a Rihanna photo shoot. Authorities asked her to leave when her photo shoot turned sultry, and described the photos as ‘not being in compliance with the mosque’s terms.’ Visitors of all religions are welcome in the mosque, just don’t lay on your back and show your best duck-face.

Mariah Carey calls Beirut ‘Berlin’

One of my most vivid memories from the 2004 Mariah Carey concert in Beirut is her getting on stage and greeting the audience by saying, “What’s up Berlin??” To which we all said, “We don’t know, because this is Beirut. You dumb bitch.” Well, we wish we said that.

Justin Bieber has a tantrum and storms out of Dubai nightclub

The legal drinking age in Dubai is 21, so when 19-year-old douchebag of the century Justin Bieber was refused alcohol at a nightclub, he threw a huge tantrum and stormed out. That’s really the whole story; but take a moment to imagine him crying and throwing things across the room in a King Joffrey-esque tantrum, it’s fun!

Khloe Kardashian niqab selfie causes a stir

When Khloe Kardashian visited Dubai, she thought it would be cool to Instagram a photo of herself wearing the Muslim niqab with the caption ‘habibi love.’ Many people found it offensive, saying that she was undermining the Islamic niqab by using it as a fashion statement, while others found her post inspiring and viewed it a sign of her respect for the culture. Poor Koko, don’t you know you can’t win with Arabs? You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t.

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