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Mira Mawla 07 Aug 2015

Places To Hang Out With Your Kids

They’re kicking. They’re screaming. Making them watch Frozen again just won’t do it. The kids are demanding a day out, and we have a few good picks lined up for this month that are sure to keep your little ones entertained, whether they’re one-time events or venues for a family weekend plan.

Living dinosaurs

It’s in the name, and yes, it’s true. 25 moving, roaring, life-size mechanical dinosaurs are on display at Platea, Jounieh. Combining entertainment and education, each of the dinosaurs also includes interactive information about its species. One ticket grants you access to the full dinosaur display, including a life-sizeskeleton replica and the recently added walking dinosaur, as well as a ticket to the 3D Dino movie theater and full access to an interactive kids’ area. There’s even a “dino ride” for the whole family to enjoy.

Due to the exhibition’s success, it has been extended until the 16th of August. Tickets are available at Virgin Box Office. Kid’s music classes

Whether you’d like to try a class for free, register for a month, or enroll all summer, the Kindermusik program has what you’re looking for. Combining musical entertainment with a unique child development approach, Kindermusik stimulates children’s minds while keeping the class convivial and entertaining. Mommy and Me music classes are offered at the Smilies Cultural Center-Broumana, and specialized Kindermusik classes with Yasmina are offered at the Bach Music Institute-Antelias. Ages as young as 3 months are admitted!

Flying remote controlled airplanes and helicopters

Head to Wardeh Kfardebian with the family every Saturday and Sunday for some RC flying classes. A full-day lesson from 9am to 3pm, and the equipment’sprovided! Basically, minimum hassle and maximum fun. I would go without the kids, but the little ones are always a plus.

Fizz Zone

This is a good one for when the kids have been cooped up for too long.
Fizz Zone
“the one and only indoor trampoline park in Lebanon” has foam pits, a basketball net, and huge trampolines from wall to wall. Call and reserve ahead of time if you’re going on the weekends, otherwise just wait in line, put on the suction socks, and let go! The kids are bound to enjoy the freedom. Oh, and eat after, not before. Take my word.

Busy Box

Busy Box is the ultimate arts and crafts lounge. Kids can come in with parents or be supervised by the art assistants inside. Families are welcome at two branches: Bchemoun and Hamra.
Your kids will be taken aback by the options; that’s for sure. Porcelain, wood, ceramics, crepe paper, decorations, magazine cutouts…the list is endless. And throughout the summer, Busy Box has its own summer camp, with activity themes like clay, recycling, and glass art happening daily!

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