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Mira Mawla 19 Aug 2015

Six Beirut Businesses With Weird Names

With over 300 million restaurants, snack shops, phone places, and businesses named “WhatsApp” – it is clear that Lebanese creativity is at an all time high. Here are our pick of Beirut businesses with the most bizarre names.

Big Boos

How much of a boss can you REALLY be if you can’t even spell the word? I don’t recommend buying suits from this place, boys (booys?), although it’s been around forever. You’d think someone would have said something by now. I guess when you’re a big boos, you’re untouchable.

Hair Me Out

I have to say I’m impressed with this one. It’s not every day that you see an institution in Zarif being this punny. It’s nice to finally have your voice haired as a male barber in Lebanon. Kudos.

Ok Madame

This is by far the most offensively-named institution I’ve come across in my life. It needs to be closed down, and the person who came up with the name (and made the sign) should be put away. In case you’re wondering, it’s a domestic help management office. Just no.
Help me close this place down, new name or not. Anyone who thinks something that discriminatory is appropriate does not deserve a business license.

Buns and Guns

I initially thought this place was a really intense gym, where you can spend extra time toning your biceps and your glutes. Turns out it was a sandwich place designed to look like an army fort, shortly opened after the July 2006 war. Mmmmm, appetizing. Did they serve killer food? Ha ha.

Lady Dagaga

The best part is, you just know that Lady Gaga is bound to wear an actual chicken on her head sooner or later, so this guy is just ahead of the times.


Finally, we have the symbol of Lebanese consumerism, Aishti. No wait, this is Aishti’s cooler, more questionable cousin.

[Images via Gino’s Blog and our photographer.]