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Mia Arawi 23 Oct 2015

The Most Important Etiquette Lessons Everyone Needs In Their Life

When you’re a child, the way you act is a reflection of your parents. So, logic tells us that you can act like an idiot until you’re held accountable. But sometime in your early to mid-twenties you should consider getting your act together and starting to act like a well-mannered adult. That’s why we bring you: etiquette lessons everyone needs in their life.

1. If you’re running late or can’t make an appointment, for God’s sake text or call the person BEFORE you’re supposed to meet. Be considerate and apologetic about it. Don’t just text “sry can’t come bye” last minute. Tell them why you can’t make it and possibly try to reschedule!

2. Stop holding up your phone at concerts. You’re not enjoying the actual concert. It’s rude to the performer (or at the very least it dampens their mood because they get off on watching you react to them). It’s rude to the short people standing behind you.

3. When visiting someone’s home, take something with you. Depending on the event, you can take a bottle of wine, dessert, mixed nuts, or flowers. Really anything, it doesn’t have to be very expensive or considerate. These people are inviting you over to their home; the least you can do is pick something up along the way.

4. When inviting people to an event you’re planning, do not, I repeat, DO NOT choose a venue with minimum charge. It’s even ruder to get upset when people can’t/don’t want to go to said minimum charge event. Sing it, Septa Mordane.

5. Don’t stare at people you don’t know on the street. This one is a no-brainer but people still get it wrong, especially in Lebanon.

Manners are important. The most important etiquette isn’t about keeping your elbows off the dinner table. It’s the etiquette that affects others around you. Most importantly, be sincere and be considerate.