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Ghina Al Fout 11 Nov 2015

Bite Club #2: The Cafe Frappe

Bite Club is a beirut.com initiative launched to promote local vendors, produce, and foods. Suggestions welcome!

Do you love coffee? Do you often crave a sweet treat that won’t leave you nauseated because of how sweet it is? Do you need an afternoon pick-me-up? I’ve got the perfect thing for you: behold the Café Frappe!

Walk into Latte Art (AKA Naim) right next to Urbanista on Bliss street where you’ll find Naim, the sweetest barista on all of Bliss. The Café Frappe is the signature drink he prepares, and for good reason. The creamy cold coffee concoction will leave your tastebuds buzzing. If you think it sounds like a very regular, dull frappe; you could not be more wrong; it’s so good that people still order it when it’s cold and raining cats and dogs outside.

Naim uses skimmed milk (God bless his soul) but will usually ask your preference, then add some delicious and strong coffee, ice, and off to the blender they go. The frappe is so good that every time I order it, I’m a little surprised by how delicious it is. It’s not too sweet, not too dense, it’s the perfect texture – creamy and refreshing.

Naim has been making this drink for almost two years now and it has gained widespread popularity among AUB students. Latte Art’s rich menu has other original drinks like “Peanut Butter Coffee” for the adventurous and plain espresso for the traditional. Next time you’re around Bliss craving something sweet and refreshing, you know what do.

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