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Lynn Bizri 23 May 2016

10 Signs You’re From Batroun

After we told you how to tell if you’re from Baalbak and Jbeil, it’s now Batroun’s turn.

1. Everything south of Jounieh is considered Beirut. 

2. You can eat fish for breakfast (and lunch and dinner) like it’s nobody’s business.

3. You walk the pebbly, rocky shores barefoot, while everyone else is busy donning protective footwear.

4. You get asked to take someone to Colonel, and you end up at the surf-spot instead. 

5. You greet people with ‘esh (ma esh)??’ the Batrouni version of ‘what’s up’.

6. You can rock flip-flops and swimsuits at any (non-formal) occasion.

7. You compare every other city in Lebanon to Batroun, and can give you 100 reasons why Batroun is better.

8. You’re a pro in at least one aqua-sport

9. You can down beers quicker than any Irishman .

10. You know your fish like the alphabet and have funky names for them too (jradeen, aranib, etc.).