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Lynn Bizri 12 Jul 2016

4 Summer Weekend Getaways To Take In Lebanon

The days have gotten longer and hotter, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend your days indoors with the AC blasting or limit your excursions to lying on a chaise longue roasting yourself under the sun. The mountains have so much to offer, like that amazing evening breeze you can’t get anywhere else, natural views that your phone photos don’t do justice, and mornings on balconies, sipping your coffee as you watch the sun rise over the hills and treetops.

So head to one of these four locations and experience them in all their summer glory before Winter rolls around again.

1. Faraya

Image via beirutnightlife.com

With its natural beauty, warm hospitality, and various seasonal attractions, Faraya is a well–known attractive hub. Nestled in the peaks of Lebanon’s central mountains, it attracts locals and tourists alike. While usually associated with the winter season (due to its ski resorts slopes and snow-related sports), Faraya is just as enjoyable in Summer when it transforms into a relaxing and laid-back village with wonderful natural views and a new variety of activities to enjoy.

Where to stay: Terre Brune, Faraya Village Club, InterContinental Mzaar, Hotel Hors Piste

Where to eat: Rikky’z, Montagnou, El Mexicano, Soleil D’or, Coin Vert, Erzel, Terre Brune

Things to see and do: Hiking, Paragliding, Hot Air Ballooning, ATV, Biking, Mzaar Summer Festival (August)

2. Batroun Mountains

Image via thehighlandsbatroun.com

Overlooking the sea, vineyards and agricultural terraces, forests and valleys, lay the Batroun Mountain villages, rooted in thousands of years of culture and history. Close enough to civilization yet distant enough to disconnect, the mountains offer a variety of perfect escapes. Whether you’re simply searching for a spiritual retreat, looking to connect with nature, or want to enjoy a relaxing meal with a view (and breeze), the Batroun Mountains have something for everyone.

Where to stay: Tafla, Abdelli Terraces, Batroun Village Club, Arnaoon Village

Where to eat/drink: Batroun Mountains Winery, Ixsir Winery, Trappiste Priests Winery, Aurora Winery, Arnaoon Village, Abdelli Terraces

Things to see and do: Camping, Hiking, Visiting Vineyards /Wine Tasting, Stargazing, Arnaoon Village, Batroun Festival (July)

3. Ehden

Image via glamroz.com

Situated in the heart of the northern mountains of Lebanon, Ehden is a famous summer resort and touristic center. Often called ‘The Bride of Summer Resorts in North Lebanon’, it is renowned for its healthy environment, moderate dry cool climate, and natural fresh water. With the variety of activities available, highly rated restaurants, breathtaking natural scenery, and the Ehdeniyat Festival coming up, you don’t need any more reasons to book a visit right now.

Where to stay: Ehden Country Club, Master’s Hotel, Hotel Ehden, Serail Hotel, Kroum Ehden, Belmont Hotel, Beit el Ward, La Reserve

Where to eat: Al Ferdaous, Al Wadi, Adan, Nabaa Jouit, Pinch, Saggio, Alonso, Hanin Ehden

Things to see and do: Ehden’s Ancient ruins, Churches/Monasteries, Horsh Ehden, Al Midan, Lady of the Fort, Ehden Adventures, Kroum Ehden, Saydit Al Hosn, Ehdeniyat Festival (July-Aug)

4. Bkassine

Image via bkassinepinepark.files.wordpress.com

A charming, scenic and peaceful village located 70 km from Beirut, Bkassine lies south of Jezzine on a small hill surrounded by a magnificent 3 million sq meter pine forest, the largest in Lebanon and the Middle East. Known for its magnificent nature, red-tile roofed houses, narrow streets and beautiful churches, Bkassine is the ideal place to go to for all kinds of ecotourism activities, or to spend a quiet and relaxing weekend away from the hustle of the city.

Where to stay: La Maison de la Foret, Iris Flower Hotel, Pine View Hotel, Blue Jay Valley, L’etoile du Loup

Where to eat: Tawlet Bkassine, Al Shallal Restaurant, Al Chalouf Restaurant, Coin Rouge, Karam Winery

Things to see and do: Hiking/Trekking, Our Lady of Salvation Church, Bkassine Pine Forest, La Maison de la Foret, Jezzine Waterfalls, Fakhreddine Grotto, Bkassine Festival (September)