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Lama Hajj 14 Jul 2016

Support The First Suicide Prevention Hotline In Lebanon

Last week, we wrote a piece on the importance of raising awareness about mental health in Lebanon. After that, we had the pleasure of being introduced to some very caring and hardworking individuals from the Embrace Fund, an organization focusing on the establishment of a support network for mental health in Lebanon and the Middle East. They work to help inform and support people who need help by dispelling the myths and misinformation that surround mental illness. Embrace provides information about the resources available to people who live in Lebanon, and raises money to help provide needed treatment and care for people who cannot afford it.

In order to raise funds for their most recent project – setting up the first national suicide prevention helpline in Lebanon and the Middle East, Emrace Fund has teamed up with some awesome Lebanese singers and performers (Joy Fayad, Nour Nimri, and Ralph Asfour) to bring the hottest fundraising event of the summer, ‘Embrace the MYUsic’.

The live performance will take place at MYU rooftop with tickets for sale at Virgin ticketing box office at $60 for two premium drinks and $120 for premium open bar and dinner. The proceeds will support Embrace in the establishment of a very much needed suicide prevention and emotional crisis helpline in Lebanon. This helpline will provide direct psychological support and linkage to community based resources for individuals going through a suicidal crisis or any other mental health crisis. It will hopefully decrease the attempts of suicide, and help manage the psychological struggles people face in Lebanon.

According to police reports, suicide rates are significantly rising in Lebanon, with approximately 1 completed attempt every 2.5 days. This could be prevented if a proper system of reaching out for support and being able to better access mental health services was available.

You can find more details about the event here

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