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Christina Fakhry 18 Jul 2016

7 Summer Fashion Fads We Seriously Need To Get Over

It’s time for our seasonal rundown of the deadliest fashion faux pas committed by humanity (well, the female half of it – stay tuned for a male version) over the summer. Once again, we’re hoping that our humble aesthetic intervention would contribute to the greater good of fashion, and the universe.

Kindly note that while some of the below trends have made the list for being an expression of sheer tastelessness, the large majority was selected on a ‘too over-worn to be tolerated’ basis.

Lace-Up Everything

Image via theclosetbychristie.com

Struck by intense Kim K-esque influences, designers felt collectively inspired to mass-bless basic tops with lace-up front detail. And after being impulsively adopted by 90 percent of the Earth’s female population, the trend moved from ‘trendy’ to ‘tacky’ in a matter of weeks. Now can we please wave farewell to lace-up madness for the rest of the decade?

‘Invisible’ Plastic Bra Straps

Why do you still believe in the ‘invisible’ quality of your bra strap when you, and everyone else for that matter, can clearly see it? It’s just stylistically unflattering. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a strapless bra, then just try to adjust your bra straps according to your top’s cut (in the shape of an X for instance) or do some thoughtful color-coordination between the two garments.


Image via Zara

This off-the-shoulder prodigy is almost like a subliminal access pass to Lebanon’s summer in-crowd. But now that half the country’s population has posed in it on Instagram, it’s become more of a surefire access pass to dullness.

Bright-Colored Denim

Image via woojenz.com

Colored denim was close to being a thing at some point in 2012. Quite frankly, I just do not understand how the fad has managed to survive until today. I mean, these pants hardly ever work with anything. They just make you look like you’ve been brainwashed by a rainbow after three consecutive days at the kids section (definitely not a good sign, you can trust me on that).

This Dress, or Anything That Looks Like it

Image via aliexpress.com

I do not mean to undermine the graceful aesthetics of this little black dress but, I mean, I’ve seen more pictures of girls wearing it on social media than there are stars in our beloved galaxy. Talk about style crises.

Slip-On Sneakers

Image via justaddglam.com

WHY? OH MY! BYE. I know I’ve addressed this pressing style issue in a previous post, but the amount of slip-on sneakers I’ve spotted on the streets of Beirut since then is just too tragic to be overlooked (I wouldn’t care less if they’re comfy, all I can see is ugly).


Image via poshmarl.com

Can someone please enlighten my psycho-aesthetically chattered soul on the stylistic purpose of basic bebe tank tops? The bedazzled logo is seriously not helping.