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Marc Ghazali 06 May 2017

Here’s Our Guide To Visiting Beirut On A Budget

It is no secret that Beirut city can be crazy expensive, earning its spot as the third most expensive city in the region and the 50th most expensive in the world (woohoo, lucky us). But do not worry broke, or shall I say – regular, visitors because we have the perfect guide for you to visit the Lebanese metropolis on a budget.

1. Where to sleep:

Your first option is one of Beirut’s few hostels Saifi Urban Gardens where you can book a dorm bed for as cheap as $18/night. Your other option is the mighty Airbnb where you can find private rooms for as little as $23.

2. Transportation:

Don’t worry much about finding transportation because transportation will find you. “Service” cabs can be found almost anywhere with a standard price of 2,000 LBP for short trips. Just choose any of the cabs with the red license plates that is honking at you (and they WILL honk at you) and they’ll take you on the adventure you’re seeking to experience in the city. Longer trips are also not bad, with the average cab company charging around 15,000 LBP ($10) for 30-minute trips.

3. Where to eat:

Image via wheelerfolk.org

For breakfast your best two options are having a Man’oushe (traditional thyme, cheese, or veggie flatbread found at any bakery in Beirut for less than a dollar) or Knafeh (cheese pastry, costs between 3 and 4 dollars).

For other meals:

Mashawish in the Mar Mikhael district has delicious barbecue sandwiches for $4.

Charles de Kol in Badaro has awesome burgers and sandwiches for $4.

– The legendary Barbar in Hamra offers sandwiches to satisfy all tastes for as cheap as $3.

Urban Grill in Ashrafieh has tasty burgers but for a bit more (but still doable), with a burger meal starting 11,000 LBP (around $8).

– Right on the edge of Beirut, delicious shawarma sandwiches can be found in Bourj Hammoud at Bedo or Mano for $4.

Falafel Sahyoun next to Downtown Beirut has the best falafel sandwiches for just $2.

4. Visit museums and exhibitions:

Image via dailystar.com.lb

Sursock Museum, Beirut Art Center, Ashkal Alwan, and the Archeological Museum of the American University of Beirut are all free great places to visit. The Beirut National Museum and Mim museum are also very interesting with a very cheap entrance fee.

5. Chill in green spaces:

Image via blogbaladi.com

Although they’re very rare, green spaces in Beirut tend to provide a temporary change of scenery in the middle of the concrete jungle. Horsh Beirut, the largest green space in the capital, is open to the people. You can also visit the beautiful green campus of the American University of Beirut.

6. Walk/Bike around the city:

Image via le-patiohotel.com

You shouldn’t miss walking on the Corniche and passing by Raouche to see the Pigeon rocks. Hamra, Mar Mikhael and Gemmayze are vibrant streets that should not be missed. If you’re into classy and modern buildings take a stroll in the renovated ghost city of downtown Beirut. You can rent a bike from Beirut By Bike for 5,000 LBP/hour.

7. Last but not least: Where to grab a drink/go clubbing:

Image via hockblast.net

Mar Mikhael and Gemmayze are full of cool pubs and bars where a beer costs around $4 and drink is $10. Don’t miss happy hours that vary between pubs to save some money (up to 50%!). If you intend on clubbing, it is possible to enter B018 or CU NXT SAT’s party for free before a certain hour (not always, depending on the event) instead of paying the entrance fee that starts at $20. And always pre-drink!