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Amanda Daou 18 Jan 2017

7 Situations All Parents Will Definitely Relate To

It is quite easy to judge someone when you aren’t in their shoes, and we often judge parents hastily especially before we have a little munchkin ourselves. The situations we come across once we do have children are hard to imagine before we come to those milestones, but once we do it’s almost like we instantly join the club and begin to see parents around us as fellow comrades. It’s a tough job with its ever-changing, unpredictable, multi-tasking, overtime, super heavy-duty demands, but it is also the only job you get paid for with little kisses and tiny hugs. Here are a few sticky situations all parents will understand:

Situation #1: The exhausted lullaby

You sang. You rocked. You kept your hand on that little chest while you bent over for the past hour because those little eyes were finally about to close. And just as you quietly tip-toed past the crib , slid past the toys without stepping on the really noisy squeaky ones, and finally made it out of the room…the excruciatingly loud doorbell rings! This is one of the times you will absolutely hulk out, and feel your inner demon rise to the surface. Those poor guests that decided to visit won’t know what to think of that face of yours as you desperately hush them before you’ve even greeted them.

Situation #2: The food dilemma

Image via todaysparent.com

After all that time you spent reading, researching, and trying to understand what you’re supposed to be putting in that child’s mouth, it all goes downhill when someone wants to offer your child something to eat. All of a sudden all of that polite etiquette you grew up with has no place, and you fight the strong urge to get into a lengthy debate about childhood nutrition every time you poor kid is offered a piece of chocolate. Sometimes you’ll let it go and spend the day feeling guilty that you have wronged your child, and other times you’ll say no and worry that you look like an over-protective and paranoid helicopter parent.

Situation #3: The over-planned Saturday night out

If you are lucky enough to have a great mother, mother-in law, or babysitter then you know that having a baby does not have to mean you have to kiss your nights out goodbye forever. However, there is one thing that you do have to forget about, and that is making last-minute and spontaneous plans. Going out when you are a parent requires some careful ahead of time planning, packing, and some really great time-management skills. It will go something like this: Called mom or mom-in law – check. Packed baby’s diapers, bottles, milk, clothes, pacifier, blankets – check. Decided on sleeping plans (sleeping over, taking baby home when we get back etc…) – check. Had time to paint nails, do hair, choose clothes – maybe, maybe not. Made sure baby slept and still managed to arrive on time to destination – probably not. Don’t worry it’s still kind of fun to go out (we promise).

Situation #4: The messy restaurant table

Image via youngwivestale.co.uk

Your cutie pie wants to taste the chicken on your plate so you eagerly start chopping it into little pieces. Instead, those chicken pieces end up scattered across the table. Maybe he’ll try some of the mashed potatoes! And by ‘tried them’ I mean tried them on, and it’s now in your child’s hair and somehow also on their sibling. The number of wipes on your table exceed the speed at which your waiter is changing ashtrays. Oh what the hell, who cares? Let’s just have a food fight. Don’t worry, you’ll get to that carefree “I can handle anything” mode soon enough.

Situation #5: The sniffing process

If only your baby knew how many times you’ve embarrassed the poor thing. Sniffing your baby’s crotch has become something so mundane and routine you won’t even notice you are doing it all the time!

Situation #6: The I don’t know how to raise them tantrums

Some days your little one is such an angel, and you will feel that you’ve got this parenting thing down. Other times? Not so much. There will be days where you will feel that you don’t have a shred of control over his or her behavior, and it will probably coincidently be in front of bunch of strangers or while visiting a friend.

Situation #7: The I love you so much, it’s hard to breathe feeling

No matter how difficult some situations may seem, nothing will ever compare to the situation your heart is in after becoming a parent. There are moments where you will feel your heart might just pop because you don’t know if all that love you’re feeling can fit. You would do anything for them, and every cell in your body is ready to do whatever it takes to keep them happy. Best situation ever.