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Christina Naim 23 Feb 2017

6 Of The Best Italian Restaurants In Lebanon

Lebanese cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world and a MUST when in Lebanon. However you’d be surprised how many delicious authentic Italian eateries you’ll find around the country! Pizza is a popular choice, of course. But what about pasta served al dente (i.e. the proper way)? How about the ever-so-tempting coffee-based dessert, Tiramisu?

In no particular order, check out six of Beirut’s finest Italian eateries:

1. Popolo

Image via travelingwiththyme.com

The pasta at Popolo is made fresh from scratch in their open kitchen and so is their superb pizza! If you’re searching for the perfect soft to crunchy crust ratio, I would definitely recommend a visit to Popolo for lunch on a nice and sunny day in Beirut. Reserve a window seat for a spectacular sea view!

Address: Choucri Ghanem Street, Ain Mreisse, Beirut
Contact: +961-1- 366222

2. Tavolina

Image via travelingwiththyme.com

My favourite pizza is the traditional Italian Margherita Pizza (do not tell me it’s just like Manakish Jebne!). But at Tavolina, I always order their “Bianca Pizza”: cheese, ham, and mushrooms on top of a lush tomato sauce with no garlic after-taste. It’s sublime! The venue is super casual and doesn’t take reservations; first come, first served.

Address: Camille Youssef Chamoun Street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut
Contact: +961-1- 442244

3. Marinella

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Marinella is a gorgeous sophisticated spot in Beirut offering high quality authentic Italian dishes and service topped with a smile. Don’t miss their delicious pasta dishes and their delectable Veal Scaloppini. This Italian eatery only opens for lunch, so you’ll need to reserve in advance. I hope they reconsider and start opening for dinner!

Address: Rue De Madrid Street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut
Contact: +961-1- 442342

4. Pzza Co

Image via travelingwiththyme.com

Pzza Co also features an open kitchen so you can watch as the chefs twirl and swirl the pizza dough high up in the air while you wait for your order. Some entertainment, huh? The food is super delicious. Try the lotus pizza for dessert. Be warned, only order this dessert if you have a REALLY sweet tooth.
If one of you is craving a burger, you can also order from Brgr Co. next door 😉 Burger fans: Don’t miss post on our favourite gourmet burgers in Lebanon!

Address: Beirut Souks, Patriarch Howayek Street, Downtown, Beirut
Contact: +961-1-999838

5. Dottore

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The cozy and rustic Dottore serves authentic Italian dishes based on 100-year-old recipes that any Italian aficionado will appreciate. The pizza, made fresh in a wood-fired oven, and homemade pasta are very much recommended! For antipasti, I would go for Melanzane every time.

Address: Antoine Gemayyel Street, Hamra, Beirut
Contact: +961-1-349379

6. Mario e Mario

Image via travelingwiththyme.com

Mario e Mario will always and forever be at the top of my list when it comes to Italian cuisine in Lebanon; it’s the closest you can get to heartwarming authentic Italian food. Don’t miss their Lobster Linguini and their luscious Tiramisu (which is the best I’ve ever had in Lebanon). Check out the full experience at Mario e Mario:, a true Italian gem.

Address: Contact: +961-1-444036