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Meera Shamma 07 Apr 2017

15 Pictures That Show The Everlasting Beauty Of Tyre

Lebanon’s antique southern town of Tyre is no stranger to historical legacy. Once a great Phoenician city that reigned over its stunning coast, Tyre has since become known as one of Lebanon’s most culturally rich and aesthetically beautiful towns. Here are a few pictures that show why Tyre was once known as the Queen of the Seas.

1. Reminiscent Roman ruins

2. Endless tree-lined roads

3. It stays pretty even when the weather isn’t

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4. It has picturesque streets lined with cozy spots to eat and drink

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5. And all of its streets are adorned with color

6. A drive to Tyre from Beirut is what road trip dreams are made of

7. Scenes like this

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8. Sweet streets for sweet teeth

9. Pretty doorways keep us tempted to explore

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10. Walkways made in heaven

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11. There’s a hidden story at every corner

12. It’s the perfect place for a romantic escape

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13. Or a personal retreat

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14. Tyre’s beach is one of Lebanon’s most beautiful

15. Tyre is remains a true testament to Lebanon’s everlasting charm.

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