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Meera Shamma 18 Aug 2017

6 Friend Dates In Lebanon Perfect For You And Your BFFs

Whether your friends are visiting from abroad, your friend just broke up with his/her significant other and needs some TLC, or you just feel like spending a day with the people who love you through thick and thin, these friend dates are the perfect way to spend time with your besties. Pack a bag and head to the north for a day in the sun, wear comfortable shoes and head to Hamra for a pub crawl, or go graffiti hunting in the heart of Beirut, all in the company of those who love you unconditionally!

1. Spend a day hiking in Yahchouch

The trail of Yahchouch in Chouwen provides a natural hike among the pine trees down to the beautiful Chouwen Lake. The area is so picturesque that it will take your breath away, and it’s around an hour and a half to a two hour drive from Beirut.

2. Go graffiti hunting in Mar Mikhael

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Grab a camera and head to Beirut’s most bustling street for a day filled with photo-ops, good times, and plenty of options to feed any craving that might come your way. Check out our post on the Hidden Gems Of Mar Mikhael, or our Favorite Street Art From Around Beirut, or even our post on the Most Thought Provoking Street Art In The City for some inspiration, and get snapping!

3. Head to Colonel Beer Brewery for a day of boozy-fun

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We love this place so much we dedicated an entire article to it. Colonel’s Brewery is the perfect place to go for a day away from Beirut, filled with good music, good beer, and good company. If you or your friends have dogs, bring them along, too! Colonel Brewery is pet-friendly and your furry friend will be able to run freely in their huge grass plot along with the other dogs brought by everyone else!

4. Spend a day in Jbeil

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Wander the streets of Jbeil’s old souk for an authentic Lebanese day away. Indulge in the deliciously trendy lunch-spot, Pepe’s Fishing Club, for delicious home-caught seafood and Arak. When you’re done with lunch, stroll towards the old Jbeil Castle, sit by the pier, and have a laid-back afternoon with your friends.

5. Take a road trip to Anfeh

This summer’s trendiest getaway, Anfeh is worth the hype that surrounds it. Its pristine blue coast alongside its stunning beach lounges will have you and your friends feeling like you took an impromptu trip to Mykonos. Pass by Chez Fouad for a delicious seafood lunch, and hang around after for drinks by the sea and good music that will make you dance until sunset. (Be sure to call ahead of time and make a reservation at Chez Fouad, as it is usually fully booked!)


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For a fun-filled day spent a little closer to home, why not go for a pub crawl in Hamra? Start at De Prague for a hearty meal and a beer before going all out. Head to Calibri, then Neighbors, then Ales & Tales, and end at Ferdinand’s. Still standing? I doubt it.