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Meera Shamma 11 Jan 2018

Steak Frites: The Best Places To Indulge In Beirut

Steak and fries in a decadent sauce, who could ask for more? Here are the best places for steak frites in Beirut.

Le Relais de l’Entrecote

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Classic Entrecote (2 portions and a salad starter) for 45,000 LL


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Couqley’s Steak Frites for 35,000 LL

Au Bistrot de Michel

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Steak Frites for 44,500 LL

Swiss Butter

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Steak, fries, and salad at 22,000 LL.

Goutons Voir

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Steak Frites for 36,000 LL

BLACKROCK Steakhouse

Traditional Steak Frites for 34,000 LL


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Steak Frites for 25,500 LL


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Steak Frites for 44,000 LL


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Brassica Steak Frites for 38,000 LL

Happy Prince

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The Steak and Fries for 38,000 LL

Propaganda Gin Room

Steak and Fries for 28,000 LL