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Meera Shamma 17 Jan 2018

Just Some Hilarious OLX Fails To Make You LOL

There’s nothing we love more than to have a scroll through OLX and find the funniest typos, confusing pictures, and weird descriptions. Here are the funniest listings we found on the App this week.

1. What’s your point?

2. Cats want to get married too

3. So fresh, so clen

4. Literally any dog will do

5. I’m afraid

6. Pretty sure that’s a recorder

7. Pretty sure that’s a bird

8. If you got it, flaunt it

9. Orogonals!

10. I’m confused?

11. He needs a dollar, dollar, a dollar is what he needs

12. Ladies and gentlemen, did you know that the last female husky in the world exists in Lebanon?