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Tanya Maalouf 13 Mar 2018

7 Types Of Job Interviews You’ll Experience In Lebanon

These are the types of job interviews you have definitely had in Lebanon – that is, in the very rare occasion where you actually get phoned for an interview due to our country’s lovely employment rates.

1. The chill interview

This interviewer is laid back with two feet on the table and asks you something like this: “Bteshrabe shi? 3anna beera iza badik“. He/she seems uninterested in anything you have to say, and is looking at his/her phone the whole time.

2. The stressful interview

Three people are interviewing you for this one, and the questions are being fired one after the other. When you leave this one, you’ll be thinking you applied for a position to be Kim Jong-un’s advisor, when all you wanted was a teller position at the janky bank in your neighborhood.

3. The interview turned date

Can you stop flirting with me and ask me a real question? Or if he/she is cute, you’re down to clown.

4. The interview you got from a wasta

Ahla ahlaa tfadale; you are greeted like the queen or king you are. This interview will mostly be about asking you how your family is doing and if Mariam and Fadi are getting married any time soon.

5. The interview where you get blindsided and you start feeling dumb as fuck

You thought you were applying for a janitor position? LOL nope, you’re applying for the CEO assistant position. Did you even read my CV? Can we please abide by the job description you sent?

6. The Skype interview

Blazer and a tie on while you’re chilling in boxers.

7. The super shady interview

The building is semi-abandoned, the wallpaper is tearing at the seams, there are only two people in the office, and one of them looks like the guy who would frisk you at Roumieh prison.