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Beirut.com 11 May 2018

7 Spots For A Picturesque Lunch In The Mountains

Escape this weekend with your loved ones to one of these sublime places in Lebanon:

1. Tawlet Ammiq

Fresh ingredients, a picturesque view, and immensely-friendly staff members: we can’t get enough of this Souk el Tayeb restaurant in West Bekaa.

2. Meghrak

This beautiful nature reserve tucked away in the Abdelli forest in Batroun, is the perfect serene escape. With views straight out of a fairytale, you can book a table here and bring with you your favorite dishes. And also because the atmosphere is just calling out for mashewe, they’ll provide you with a barbecue so you can grill all the lahme and tawouk. And if you don’t feel like getting your own food, a certain food formula can be arranged.

3. Al Ferdaws

A hidden gem in Ehden, this half-a-century-old restaurant is a family-run business and oozes of homely vibes. Also, it’s kebbe mishwiyye is hands-down the most delicious you’ll ever have.

4. Jalset El Erzel

Located in Faraya, Jalset el Erzel’s beautiful forest setting paired with their delicious traditional Lebanese cuisine makes them top the list as one of our favorite mountain restaurants in Lebanon.

5. Lola

Encircled by stunning panoramic views and nestled amid pine trees, Lola is the place to go for when you just cannot handle the hustle bustle of Beirut anymore. The food and location are equally tantalizing, and be sure to snag the spot in the picture above when you’re heading there with your significant other.

6. Tallet Nasr

Tallet Nasr is located in the stunning Bikfaya Naas. This restaurant is surrounded by majestic pine trees and has a stunning panoramic view of the region. The Lebanese cuisine is to-die-for, and it will be the cherry on top of a great setting.

7. Le Télégraphe de Belle-Vue

Fresh Bhamdoun mountain air and a gorgeous view of the surrounding valleys is what you deserve this weekend. Enjoy the mouth-watering menu while you sit in their stylish setup complimented by the surrounding fall trees.