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Mia Arawi 05 Jun 2018

8 Things You Go Through When You Move Into A New Apartment In Beirut

Your contract is over with your old apartment and it’s time to move out. Cue the following things that are about to take place:

1. Scoping out the neighbors.

You need to try to figure out what you’re going to have to deal with when you invite your loud and drunk friends over.

2. Fighting off half a dozen cockroaches.

3. Trying to figure out the dynamics of your relationship with the natour.

Is he the friendly guy who’s going to park your car for you or is he going to give you the death stare every time he sees you in the elevator?

4. Spending a couple of hours in Karout Mall furnishing your house with useless junk.

Karout Mall = Lebanon’s IKEA.

5. Unpacking for the first 8 months.

There’s always that one pesky box full of things that have no place in the house, and with 17 other boxes, you’ll forget where you packed your toothbrush. Good times.

6. Feeling the need to buy new things for the new place, even though you have everything you need.

When you propose that to your mom, she’ll hit you with a “Bala me7en“.

7. Going on a neighborhood stroll to try to figure out your new man2oushe place, khedarje, and all the other essential daily spots in your life.

8. Your house will have an influx of strange men the first week.

You know, the gas for the stove guy, the internet guy, the AC guy, and the water guy who will scream “may dawle w may bir” a couple of times before you actually get how the water system in this building works.