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Beirut.com 26 Oct 2018

10 Spots For A Perfect Winter Lunch By The Fireplace In Lebanon

We have high hopes that winter has finally arrived and so we’ve decided to round up a list of our favorite spots suited for a perfect winter gathering by the fireplace. Did we just plan out your weekend?

1. Jalset Al Erzel

Located in Faraya, Jalset el Erzel’s beautiful forest setting paired with their delicious traditional Lebanese cuisine makes them top the list as one of our favorite mountain restaurants in Lebanon. Get a spot right next to the fireplace for a perfect lunch.

2. Lola

Encircled by stunning panoramic views and nestled amid pine trees, Lola is the place to go for when you just cannot handle the hustle of Beirut anymore. The food and location are equally tantalizing, and be sure to snag the spot closest to the fireplace.

3. Le Pichet Restaurant in Le Cedrus Hotel

Situated on the Cedars main road, this place is one of the best restaurants in the region. Other than being a part of a world-class resort, it’s an excellent choice for a cozy atmosphere and delectable food.

4. La Chicane

From its unique spot overlooking the Bekfaya valley, La Chicane serves a feast for all your senses. Quality, great flavor, and friendly service are all on the menu. Each dish deliciously blends traditional homemade Lebanese cuisine with a signature La Chicane touch. Taste the satisfaction of heritage with a modern twist in the comfort of the fire-place radiated warmth.

5. Qortoba Baabdat

Specializing in Middle Eastern fusion cuisine, this gem is located in the heart of the lusciously divine Baabdat. Enjoy a pleasant and refreshing mountain view while savoring on a feast of traditional delicacies from Armenia, Syria, and Lebanon. As their panoramic rooftop closes down for the season, grab a spot by the fireplace indoors to resume your perfect winter lunch.

6. Massaya

Exquisite views, Massaya’s delicious wine tasting, and mouth-watering food, all set in an inviting setting, only to be upgraded by a fireplace. Plan your next hangout at this spot.

7. Al Innab

Lebanese authentic cuisine made in an old, restored Lebanese traditional house. Craving that feel of your grandmother’s house and cooking? Find it at this Aley restaurant, complemented with a central fireplace oozing all the warmth your heart desires.

8. The Peninsula

A change of cuisine but an equally tranquilizing setting, the Peninsula Restaurant and Gardens offers you a high-end Italian feast amidst a wonderful set of gardens and terraces. For an added relaxed ambiance that suits family and friends gatherings alike, this spot boasts a warm and welcoming fireplace.

9. Locanda Corsini

The only thing slightly on the same level as a cozy traditional Lebanese lunch is a cozy Italian one, found at this family-run Italian restaurant, situated inside a ‘mandaloon’ style family villa that is hand-crated with 150- year-old solid stone. A perfect quiet hideaway where one can enjoy picturesque scenery, the very best of the Lebanese country-side, and most of all, genuine rustic home-made Italian cuisine. The homey feel is amplified with a welcoming fireplace.

10. Ô Bois

A beautiful wooden restaurant nestled in the forest of Dhour Choueir is where you ought to be on those upcoming chilly winter nights. A cozy, intimate setting by the fireplace complimented by delicious French cuisine, any other suggestive additions to what might just be a perfect evening?