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Beirut.com 30 Nov 2018

6 Trips To Take With Your Kids This Weekend

Weekends call for family outings, they are a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with the kids away from work, school and other distractions. Here is a list of places that are guaranteed fun for both you and the kids, where you can try different things and go on new adventures together.

1. Arnaoon Village

A standalone Lebanese village that attracts visitors from all over the country for its natural landscape, Arnaaon Village is a legacy. Aside from the variety of fun and leisurely activities it offers, the destination also serves an exquisite selection of delicious food, served in buffets that are known for bringing families and friends together in a typically cheerful atmosphere.

2. RPM Karting

Lebanon’s largest karting track and the most ambitious racing park in the Middle East, PRM Karting is attractive to auto sports fans and families alike. The stadium caters for kids aged 8 to 12 years old with a junior karting track, as well as mini football field, kid’s playground, ice skating rink, and a restaurant to feed their hunger now that their adrenaline is satisfied.

3. Cedars Ground Campsite

What better way to spend time with your kids than camping? An experience you’re both bound to enjoy, head up to the Cedars Ground Campsite for a family escape from the buzz of the city. Invest in your quality time with different activities like hiking, biking, horseback riding, star gazing, apple picking, and visiting historical landmarks in the Chouf area.

4. Planet Discovery

The only permanent children’s science museum in Lebanon, Planet Discovery was founded to provide hands-on learning to youth of all ages. A perfect kids’ day out go-to, the dynamic space helps provide education to kids and widens their scientific knowledge in an attractive and entertaining atmosphere.

5. Riverlane Park

This urban park caters to kids and adults alike where you can enjoy a fun day outdoors to unwind and spend a good time. Enjoy a delicious family lunch paired with refreshing drinks, keep an eye on your kids over afternoon coffee and treats, or go for a family stroll on the tracks that outline the park space.
On festive days and weekends, the park serves as a communal space for festivals, activities, markets, and fairs, boasting live music and high spirits.

6. Ferme Mar Chaaya

A working farm and petting zoo, Ferme May Chaaya is a destination ideal for family road trips. Head up to the monastery, followed by a visit to the farm with the kids where they can enjoy thoroughly petting and feeding the goats, sheep, llamas, and cow. The farm is also home to caged monkeys, turtles, peacocks, deer and other animals. A peaceful and serene setting, this is a great way to spend an afternoon with the kids.