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Fatima Al Mahmoud 20 Dec 2018

13 More Desserts You Have To Try In Beirut

It’s a given that one’s sugar crave doesn’t simply end, and neither will this list of desserts that you have to try around Beirut.

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1. The ummi mochi at Ummi

2. The crunchy profiterole at Casper & Gambini’s

3. The crêpe perdue at Crepaway(Available for limited time only)

4. The choco boom at Zaatar w Zeit(Available for limited time only)

5. The pain perdu at Ni Caffé

6. Everything at the Conut Bakery

7. The red velvet cookie skillet at Smushkies

8. Churros at Brassica

9. French toast at Brisket’s French Dip

10. The chocolate orgasm at SteakBarSushi

11. The white chocolate blondie at Divvy

12. The millefeuille at Angelina Paris

12. The cookies at Oh! Bakehouse