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Rea Haddad 28 Dec 2018

14 Memorable Winter Dates In Beirut

With no sunny beach days, Decks parties or pool dates, date options might seem boring in winter in Beirut. Here are 14 FUN winter dates proving that romance is not dead.

1. Start with a salsa class then eat delectable tacos at Taqueria Del Jefe

2. Watch a play at Zoukak or Metro

3. Rent one of these cozy Airbnbs

4. Play the ICE ICE Baby song at Ice Bar

5. Spin a record at Orient Express

6. Enjoy a late pub dinner at the Jerry Thomas Experience

7. Sample all the cheese and the honey at Atelier Du Miel in Mar Mikhael

8. Attend a workshop at Concept 2092(hint: poetry workshops will upgrade your texting-& serenading- skills by a solid 100%)

9. Head to The Lick Records and gift each other your favorite records

10. Challenge each other into a game of darts at Demo

11. Warm up by the chimney at Lola with a pot of cheese fondue.

12. Double date for a game of Escape The Room

13. Smash stuff at Kasser 4 Lebanon

14. Fire up some gunsKaslik Gun Club