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Lama Hajj 09 Jan 2019

These Three Public Libraries In Beirut Will Bring Out Your Inner Bookworm

Though our National Library was inaugurated last month, it has yet to be opened up to the public. Why, you ask? Well, nobody knows. We called around and dropped by to speak to security to no avail — nobody really knows why the library isn’t fully open, nor when it will be.

While that is incredibly disheartening, we thought we’d shed light on three amazing public libraries around Beirut, all founded and managed by the same incredible organization: ASSABIL. ASSABIL is a non-governmental organization established in 1997 to promote reading, in particular through the establishment, promotion, and support of public libraries in Lebanon that are free and open to all.

Over the next few years, ASSABIL plans on opening another NINE libraries around the city.

Here is some information on the already existing public libraries:

Membership & Fees:

All you need is a copy of your ID, parental approval for children below 12 years old, and a one-time fee of 10,000 LL that is refunded upon the cancellation of your membership. After that, you get your membership card!

You can even apply online by clicking here.

Borrow from the collection of over 45,000 books, magazines, and DVDs. Browse the online catalogue for an idea of the sort of books they have!



The Bachoura library was the first and the largest of the municipal public libraries in Beirut. It opened back in 2001 and offers a rich and diverse collection of materials in an open and friendly 350 sqm space. The library has a children’s area, newspaper corner, and a computer station.

Issaf Municipal Building,
3rd floor, Beirut, Lebanon
+961 1 66 77 01


The Geitawi library opened in 2004 and was the second municipal public library. It is located in the delightful Jesuit public garden. The 100 sqm library has a children’s area and access to an enclosed garden for activities.

Rmeil, Jesuit Garden
Beirut, Lebanon
+961 1 560 728


Possibly the most known branch of the public library is the Monot branch. The Monot library opened in 2008 and was the third municipal public library in Beirut. It is located in the culturally rich area of Monot. The 100 sqm space offers cozy reading and working areas for children and adults, in addition to internet access and a wide collection of materials with a special focus on the arts.

St. Joseph University St., Next to Monnot Theater
Beirut, Lebanon
+961 1 203 026


They are closed every Sunday, Monday, and only the first Wednesday of every month buuuut other than that, they’re open and ready to receive the happy readers!

Detailed opening hours are as follows:


Tuesday Till Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm


Tuesday Till Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm


Tuesday Till Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 1pm