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Fatima Al Mahmoud 25 Jun 2019

10 Summer Plans To Make When You’re Broke As Fuck

Those damn “end of the month” feels…

But worry not, because there’s a lot you can do, even when your bank account is painful to look at.

1. Hit up one of Lebanon’s best cheap (or free) beaches.

You can find the full list here.

2. Catch the sunset during happy hour at one of these charming Beirut rooftops.

3. Party between the clouds at Frozen Cherry‘s very own Sundaze.

Just bring some fruits along and enjoy free entrance. Yes, we’re serious.

4. Catch the Love Hour at AHM‘s love nights, happening every Thursday.

It’s 69% off of drinks.

5. Head up to Batroun and discover the abandoned aquarium.

You may or may not have noticed the complex structure, but you’re definitely going to want to hear the full backstory on the abandoned aquarium.

6. Take a boat trip around the Raouche rocks.

Not to be that cliche tourist, but the Raouche rocks are even more majestic up close. Let the local fishermen take you on a short and sweet boat ride, and make sure you negotiate a good price!

7. Explore the abandoned train station in Tripoli.

You can split the gas fare and pack your lunch from home!

8. Take one of the free walking tours around Beirut

9. … or cycle your way around the city with Beirut by Bike.

10. Spend a day with your family or furry friend (or both) at Riverlane Park.

You can either lay on the grass and take in all the scenic greenery or go for a stroll on the tracks that outline the park.