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Beirut.com 15 Jul 2019

This Batroun Gem Is One Of The Top Summer Attractions In Lebanon

A summer is only considered truly well-spent when it involves hitting up the reef at Colonel.

Situated in the heart of the vibrant Batroun city, Colonel is an incredible project consisting of a microbrewery, distillery, and a brewpub and restaurant.

Separated by a glass wall, the two elements come together for tourists and locals alike, offering up crisp beer, delectable food, and unbeatable vibes.

Booze lovers will be exceptionally thrilled to hear that Colonel’s bar is also crafting delectable in-house cocktails, our favorites being the Gata Gin (a Lebanese distilled craft gin with hand selected local botanicals like juniper, fresh mint leaves, lemons, lavender, and a few more) and the Secreterre Vodka (pot stilled distilled Lebanese craft vodka, made from 100% pure grain).

Wanting to upgrade the summer to new levels, the colonel project collaborated with the Batroun municipality a few years ago to introduce Colonel Reef. Situated right next to the brewery garden, Colonel Reef boasts a stunning sea view and a beautiful vision amped up by the many water activities.

In an effort to train and support local water sports lovers, Colonel Reef provides a number of activities.

Paddling, kayaking, windsurfing, fishing, snorkeling, free-diving, and so many other water activities are available at Colonel Reef. Simply make your way to the reef, which is free of entrance, and pick your sports for the day. All you have to pay for is rental for the equipment.

Once you’re done, return the kits and boards and make your way back to the shore, where an ice cold beer awaits to be sipped as the sun sets.

Not only does Colonel offer activities, but they also bring the fun to you with their endless events. Music festivals, sports rallies, holidays, and food fests, it’s always a party with Colonel!

If you haven’t yet, be sure to make a perfect summer day of it; grab some friends and roadtrip to Batroun, spend the day kayaking and snorkeling at Colonel Reef before ending it all with a delicious barbecue dinner and beer festivity at the Colonel gardens.