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Beirut.com 23 Sep 2019

3 Fun Things To Do Today

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Nasmet Tango

What: An avant premiere screening for “Nasmet Tango,” a documentary by Maya Tabet Noun that portrays how a community is transformed by the therapeutic effect of Tango and how in parallel a couple, Fadia and Elie Madi, reconnect together by getting in touch with their lost senses. The screening will be followed by a Tango performance by Monica Orozco and a cocktail in the gardens of Villa Audi animated by a Milonga Argentina where the dancers of Mazen Kiwan Academy will introduce the public to the first steps of Tango.

Time & Place: 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM at Metropolis

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Awk.word.ness at off record -stand-up comedy open mic

What: Come try your stand-up set and bask in the spotlight for up to 5 minutes, making people laugh.

Time & Place: 8:30 PM at Off Record

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Funky Jazz Night

What: Join v!c Victor Malhame for a night of Funky Jazz music!

Time & Place: 8:30 PM – 12:30 AM at Tota Beirut

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