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Fatima Al Mahmoud 07 Nov 2019

Day 22: Student Revolution Is Still Going Strong

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 marked the beginning of the most beautiful part of the revolution thus far: the student protests.

All across Lebanon, school and university students took to the streets to stand against the resuming of regular classes amidst the current political turmoil in the country.

From the far North to the far South, students held back on their studies and organized nation wide demonstrations, despite being subject to threats and violent attacks by school authorities and even security forces.

And today, on the 22nd day of the revolution, the streets are still as vibrant, resonating with the chants of the students refusing to go back to classes, citing their fear of graduating and still ending up unemployed as their driving force.

Here’s a preview of the student protests currently taking place across the country:

If there’s one thing to take from this heartwarming sight, it’s that Lebanon’s future will most certainly NOT resemble its past, especially not with this generation leading the revolution.