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Tanya Maalouf 13 Nov 2019

Alaa Abou Fakher’s Wife Was Giving Out Sandwiches During The Human Chain

Amidst the heartbreak over Alaa Abou Fakher’s dreadful murder, some people took to social media to share a throwback of a cheerful woman, happily smiling to the camera and distributing sandwiches to protestors partaking in the human chain on Sunday, October 27, 2019.

The beautiful resilient woman was identified as Lara, Alaa Abou Fakher’s wife, the Lebanese father of three who was killed in Khaldeh last night, in plain sight of his family.

That same woman who was participating in the human chain, feeding the protestors and keeping them fueled with a wide smile on her face, was widowed last night in the most heart-wrenching incident in the revolution to date. She was left with three fatherless kids to raise on her own, among which is a traumatized son who watched his father die.

Our hearts go out to Alaa’s family, may they find comfort in knowing that he died a hero.