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Fatima Al Mahmoud 14 Nov 2019

Shouf National College Promises Free Schooling For Alaa Abou Fakher’s Children

As the whole country mourns the murder of Alaa Abou Fakher, several humane initiatives have surfaced in honor of his memory and in support of his grief-stricken family.

Candlelight vigils, beautiful murals, and a nationwide funeral, Lebanese people have proved in their unity that they won’t allow for Abou Fakher’s death to go in vain, and have vowed to claim his family as their own.

The revolution martyr can rest assured knowing that his three beautiful children have been promised free schooling up until graduation at Shouf National College (SNC), a non-sectarian, non-profit-seeking institution in Baakline, in compliance with the school administration’s decision.

It also seems like the school personally knew Alaa Abou Fakher, as they took to their official Facebook page to mourn his loss and remember his good graces.

We tried calling the school for more details but they were closed due to the ongoing situation. If anyone has any information, reach out to us on info@beirut.com. We’ll keep you updated!