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Lama Hajj 02 Jan 2020

52 Things To Do In Lebanon For 52 Weeks In 2020

Make 2020 count and enjoy the countless things to do in Lebanon!

1. Marvel at the Baatara Gorge waterfalls

The waterfall has a drop of 255 meters and is a breathtaking sight! Best time to visit is April, when the snow melts.

2. Visit the scenic museum by the beach, Nabu

3. Spend the night in a TREEHOUSE!

A simple and cozy cabin in the middle of the Hardine pine forest in North Lebanon, you can spend the night playing games and making memories at Hardine Treehouse.

4. Have an amazing experience at Deir al Oumara

Spend a Sunday at the magnificent courtyard of Deir al Oumara, it housed poets and advisors of Emirs throughout the 1800s before being turned into a boarding school. Have lunch while you soak up the history!

5. Retreat to nature for a few hours at Domaine de Taanayel

Stroll through the magical nature reserve, skip rocks on the lake, and breathe some fresh air at this magical spot. Follow it up with a rustic Lebanese breakfast at the many stops in the town like the 1860s Taanayel Covent.

6. Have the seaside getaway of your dreams at Marse Guesthouse

Overlooking the pristine Anfeh beach, this famously-blue guesthouse is a sea-lover’s dream. You get to experience Anfeh with all its perks like a true local.

7. Spend a night at La Maison de la Foret in Jezzine

This fantastic eco-lodge offers rustic accommodations, donkey rides, and a completely immersive experience in nature.

8. Lunch to the beat of the Baakline waterfalls

Enjoy authentic, homemade flavors in the heart of nature at Shouf’s Al Tahouneh restaurant.

9. Feast on incredible food and walk through the magical Souk of Tripoli

Dannoune, Akra, and all the incredible kaake you could ever want, followed by uncovering the hidden gems of the ancient souk.

10. Check out the Tower of Claudius

A mysterious tower altar was supposedly once a superstructure.

11. Take a walk through the wetlands of Ammiq

The largest remaining freshwater wetland in Lebanon, this area of the Bekaa Valley used to be filled with marshes and lakes – and these are the last remnants of them.

12. Explore Kaftoun and Nahr El Joz on foot

Hike through this incredible area and discover the old watermills and bridges before stopping at the church in front of the ancient monastery featuring 13th century paintings. Top it off with a lunch at Nahr el Joz Restaurant .

13. Visit Rechmaya Distillery and a grab a drink in the renovated cave

An old silk factory turned into an artisanal neat distillery, not to be missed! Open every weekend from 4 PM – 7 PM.

14. Eat pies and make memories at The Wood Factory Pizzeria

A cabin in the woods with delicious pizza and live music!

15. Uncover the exceptional Hammana Artist House

A multidisciplinary art residency and performance space in the charming village of Hammana awaits.

16. Explore the abandoned train station in Tripoli

17. Explore 3ayoun El Samak in Akkar

With out-of-this-world untouched natural scenery, 3ayoun El Samak has some of the most stunning (and hidden) waterfalls you’ll find in the country. Very well-kept and picturesque, be sure to clean up after yourself after visiting this stunning Lebanese escape – to maintain its picture-perfect beauty.

18. Book a spectacular getaway at the infamous domes in Odom

19. Get the perfect photo op and some serenity at Deir el Nouriyye

20. Bridge the gap and do some good at The Volunteer Circle

An initiative for the people by the people, The Volunteer Circle looks to create a community that is readily accessible to support the hard work of NGOs, start-ups, local businesses, and artists.

21. Hunt down this stunning old church

Our Lady of Rescues, a beautiful and old open air church in Smar Jbeil dating back to the crusaders era.

22. Cozy up to the fireplace and enjoy a traditional meal at Jalset el Erzel

Located in Faraya, Jalset el Erzel’s cozy wooden interior paired with their delicious traditional Lebanese food makes for an exceptional winter destination!

23. Feel like a tourist in Rashaya

Visit the Citadel of Independence and explore the 17th century souks. Don’t forget to feast on a delicious shawarma and a lemonade at Hajj Nicolas Maalouli’s spot in the souks.

24. Marvel at the beauty of Saida’s 18th century Debbane Palace

25. Drive all the way to Baalbak for the greatest sfee7a you’ll ever have

26. For the brave: try the “Lebanese Viagra”

27. Plan a glamping trip at Blue Jay Valley

A camping experience minus sacrificing modern comforts!

28. Challenge yourself to win $200 by finishing this MASSIVE pizza at New York City Pizzeria

29. Find your new favorite getaway at Laklouk Village Vacances

Fondue, amazing facilities, captivating scenery, and year round fun!

30. Lunch bankside at the Assi resort

And if the season permits, go white water rafting!

31. Round up your loved ones and catch up over dinner by the fireplace at any of these cozy spots

32. Disconnect at this tucked-away boutique hotel and restaurant in Tyre

33. Walk around the magical lakes of Akoura

34. Binge on all things pink at the quirky Candyfornia Cafe

35. Have one (or three!) kibbeh 2ras at Ferdaws in Ehden

36. Have yourself a merry staycation at one of these charming spots

37. Get a preview of the latest art exhibitions at Sursock Museum

A piece of art in and of itself, Sursock Museum is an artists’ haven.

38. Pet some deer and have a complete agri experience at Al Haush Guesthouse

39. Play pool and darts, listen to live music, and split a pizza at Quadrangle

40. Channel your inner artist at Ceramics ‘N More

41. Book yourself a well-deserved spa retreat at Al Bustan Hotel

42. Catch the sunset at Colonel Beer Brewery and stick around for dinner

All things grilled and you can down it all with their notorious beer!

43. Visit Horsh Beirut

It’s open from 7 AM ’til 2 PM on weekdays, and from 7 AM ’til 7 PM on weekends.

44. Cozy up to a slow drip coffee and a fantastic cookie at The Coffee Room

45. Discover an authentically Lebanese vineyard in the Bekaa

A picturesque vineyard nestled in Lebanon’s glorious Bekaa valley, Le Clos St. Thomas is a must-visit immersive wine-tasting experience. Enjoy a tour of the beautiful wine cellars at the stunning Château where they produce award-winning Pinot bottles, and meet the family behind the brand that you know and love so well.

46. Make your way down south and explore the magical 12th century Crusader fortress, Al-Shaqif Castle!

47. Jump around and channel your inner ninja at Flyp

48. Sample every wing flavor at Buffalo Wings and Rings

49. Explore the souks of old Batroun and have the best damn octopus sandwich

At the one and only George Maalouf Kitchen.

50. Ride the Ferris wheel at Beirut Luna Park

The view from above will have you thinking you’ve never seen the city like this before!

51. Unwind and channel your inner zen at Prana

Cuddle up on their big couches while you munch on comfort food, or make yourself comfortable on their rugs with a book in hand!

52. Explore the ancient city of Jbeil

We’ve got it all planned out for you here!