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William Daou 15 Mar 2020

12 Ways Your Lebanese Mom Is Dealing With The Coronavirus

Lebanese moms and pandemics are NOT a good match.

1. She makes you wear a face mask and gloves everywhere you go.

Even when experts have said that masks are not as effective as we think, your Lebanese mom believes otherwise.

2. She texts you reminders to wash your hands.

3. She makes you practice washing your hands in front of them.

La2 la2, ghalat. Lezim tghassel la meddit 20 senye, enta khallaset b 18 senye. 3id men l awwal

4. She boils yansoun for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

5. Then she chops up some garlic for you to munch on as a snack.

6. She stocks you up with endless supplies of hand-gel and sanitizers.

7. She keeps asking if you’ve hugged/kissed or come into close contact with anyone recently.

8. She has disinfected pretty much everything in the house.

9. She keeps checking to see if you’re feeling unwell.

The thermometer is their new best friend.

10. She’s taking this whole “house quarantine” thing VERY seriously.

11. She shops for antiseptics like it’s the apocalypse.

12. And she’s stocking up on food like it’s the end of the world.