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Beirut.com 23 Apr 2020

Happening Now: Protestors Gather In Front Of Banque Du Liban

Lebanese protestors are currently gathering in front of the Lebanese Central Bank in Hamra Street and chanting against Governor Riad Salame and the ruling class.

This comes after BDL’s recent controversial circulars, which state that citizens can no longer receive their withdrawals and transactions in dollar, but rather in Lebanese Lira at a market exchange rate to be determined by BDL. This applies to both banking and non-banking institutions.

Needless to say, this has sparked outrage and panic all over the country, with many people citing that this is a direct “haircut” on their money.

Just this morning, footage of a big crowd in front OMT’s main branch in Tayouneh was circulating on social media, as people flocked to withdraw their transactions in dollar notes for the very last time.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese Lira hit a staggering high against the US Dollar in the black market today, with many citizens fearing that it would soon reach 4,000 LL.