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Mia Arawi 21 May 2020

During This Intense Heat, 14 Lebanese Ice Creams You Have To Try

Ice cream is good any time of the day or year, but there’s nothing like a hell-inspired heat wave to really get you in the mood for some cool goodness.

Lebanon thankfully lies on a delicious culinary intersection of Arab and international cuisine, which is perfectly embodied in the combination of booza Arabiyyeh (Arabic ice cream), gelato, and American ice cream that you’ll find all over the country. Here are only some of our picks for the best ice cream you can get in Lebanon.

1. Bouzet Salem

Open for decades and still tastes as good as the first day they started, this ice cream shop located in Kousba is no stranger to people in North Lebanon. Try their delicious almond ice cream with the signature chocolate dip, or opt for a mountain of creamy ashta smothered in crunchy pistachios – it’s a win-win.

2. Hana Mitri (Helwayat al Salam)

A charming family-run ice cream kiosk in Achrafieh, this spot has been a local favorite for decades. Al Salam makes the best Arabic sorbet and ice creams you will find in Beirut. Scratch that. In the WORLD. The flavors are seasonal, and they run out quick. You’ll love ordering out of the little window to the side of the shop, and eating a messy cone of their fresh, honest flavors on the sidewalk. Must-try’s include the almond croquant, lemon, and…everything in the shop.

3. Oh My Gelato

This dessert and ice cream parlor specializes in award-winning artisanal gelato made the traditional Italian way. With exquisite flavors, Oh My Gelato is the ultimate treat on a hot summer day. Located in Mar Takla, Hazmieh and Kfarhabab you’ve got to try their semifreddo mont blanc and their cheesecake gelato!

4. Le Voleur

This tiny but mighty spot serves up some of the city’s best, most decadent ice creams, and they’ve been doing so for decades! Pocket friendly and focused on natural ingredients, we love seasonal flavors like passion fruit and blackberry, and the year-round classic croquant.

5. Orso Bianco

A small parlor with big flavors! There are so many options here, from their chocolate and nut dipped popsicles to their delicious ice cream wafer sandwiches. The flavors are bright, fresh, and unique. Chocolate whiskey. Need we say more? Well, freshly-made ice cream sandwiches – there.

6. Rachad 1929

Serving Arabic sweets and ice creams since 1929, this dessert parlor in Aisha Bakkar is a must-try. The Lotus flavor is great, but the ghazel banet ice cream takes the cake!

7. Helado

On a not-so-busy day, you could be waiting up to twenty minutes for a serving of Helado’s delicious creations. They have boozy ice cream on the weekends. Passion fruit, ricotta and cornflakes, and Lotus are only a few you have got to try.

8. Khalaf & AbouSleiman

Also known as Al Berdawni ice cream, Khalaf and Abou Sleiman is a spot known for offering premium ice cream made with all natural ingredients. It has been open since 1948 and we cannot recommend the ashta and pistachios enough! It’s the perfect treat to grab while you walk around in Berdawni.

9. Cremino

Cool off with their indulgent chocolate-y flavors, or enjoy some appetizing soft-serve. Even their ice cream cakes are great to take to a dinner party for a refreshing dessert. The cookies and cream is particularly tasty.

10. Oslo

This elegant bakery specializes in its house-made ice cream as well as its cookies and cakes. Combine different flavors into one tub, and take a cookie along to use instead of a spoon. A Beirut must-try. Our faves are the coffee crunch and the rose loukoum!

11. Frooza Booza

Rolls of decadent ice cream in all your favorite flavors, with delicious toppings rolled right in. Better yet, you can add a dash of alcohol to your ice cream to transform it from an afternoon snack to a celebration. Try their red velvet cupcake ice cream!

12. Glace Awad

Whether you’re planning on picking one of their fruity flavors or the classic ashta, you might want to prepare yourself for a little bit of a wait. This spot is beloved by many and for good reason! Their decadent and fresh ice cream hits the spot each and every time.

13. Pop City

Found in kiosks at ABC, on Toters, and at supermarkets like Hibou, this is not a parlor but rather a local popsicle maker who will knock your socks off. And for the health conscious, they even have the calorie count on there! The Oreo popsicle is heavenly.

14. Honorary mention for Azrak which is temporarily closed!

Serving mouthwatering treats and desserts, this spot in Baabdat, Metn is visited by people from all over the country. We hope the reopen soon for the season!