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Fatima Al Mahmoud 01 Jun 2020

Deir Al Oumara: A Magical Hotel In The Heart Of Chouf

History, heritage, and heaven meet at this one-of-a-kind spot, making for the perfect destination to revisit the past and revel in the present.

We’re talking about Deir Al Oumara, a unique cultural spot turned hotel that has been standing tall since 1827 and has witnessed several turning points in Lebanon’s history.

From the days of the Ottoman Empire, to the French mandate, to the Lebanese Civil War, Deir Al Oumara has been through it all changing faces multiple times itself.

When it was first established, Deir Al Oumara was built as a palace for Emir Bashir II, one of the most powerful figures of the region during that era. It was then used as an office and residence by his main advisor Boutros Karame until both men were exiled in 1840.

In 1908, the palace was turned into a boarding school by the French. It then evolved into a community-run center, then a public school. Today, it is an escapade that holds infinite stories in each brick and every corner.

Deir Al Oumara now serves as a hotel and restaurant, welcoming locals and tourists alike. Aside from its exemplary architecture, the hotel boasts a colorful setting that will breathe life into your world.

Every step you take at this two-century old getaway is a step closer to learning more about history, and every bite of their delicious food is a taste of authenticity.

Deir Al Oumara is an experience that you do not want to miss out on.

Make sure you call ahead for reservations on 71 11 99 35 and 05 511 557.