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Beirut.com 01 Jul 2020

Video: Lebanese Man Prevented From Buying Second Bag Of Milk Powder At Supermarket

A shocking video has been making the rounds on social media showing a man angrily yelling at a local supermarket after not being allowed to buy a second bag of powdered milk.

Editorial Purpose: We are sharing this piece of content to give a voice to our people and possibly mobilize change.

The man stomps around with his child on his arm, insisting on buying the second bag of milk while yelling “wen serna?”. In response, an employee tells him to refer to administration for complaints.

Aside from the ever-increasing prices of basic needs, grocery stores are also struggling with limited quantities of goods and products due to the unsteady exchange rate.

This is humiliation at its peak, where citizens now have to fight for buying milk for their babies. How much more can people take?

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