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Tala Ramadan 07 Jul 2020

Lebanese Hospitals Face Dangerous Shortage Of Medical Supplies

Back in January, we shared the cries of local medical equipment importers who warned that Lebanon was running out of surgical tools. Today, a new problem has emerged, further threatening our medical sector.

According to President of the Syndicate of Private Hospitals in Lebanon, Sleiman Haroun, Lebanese hospitals are now experiencing a shortage in essential surgical and anesthetic equipment, a truly frightening prospect.

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Earlier today, Haroun held a televised press conference during which he stated that hospitals will be obliged to receive emergency cases only in the upcoming stages. These include dialysis and chemotherapy patients, and other life-threatening cases.

He also warned of a dangerous shortage in essential medical supplies due to the crumbling economy and the devaluation of the national currency, shedding light on hospitals’ inability to “replace or repair a malfunction in hospital equipment like CT scans, X-Ray machines, etc.”

Are we going to live by “the pain will go away when the pain stops hurting” from now on? Or will this health crisis be resolved?

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