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Beirut.com 10 Jul 2020

Heartbreaking Video Shows Reality Of Lebanon’s Brain Drain

A video prepared by reporter Dima Sadek has shed light on the shocking brain drain that Lebanon is currently experiencing amid its overwhelming financial, economic, and political crisis.

In the video, big names like beloved actor and director Aida Sabra and reporter Giselle Khoury are seen tearfully saying their goodbyes to our country. “I’m leaving because the company I work for closed down, and I don’t have a balcony to grow food on,” said one young man sarcastically.

Countless people are leaving everything they have ever owned for a chance at a life where you can retrieve your paycheck from the bank, where electricity is not a rarity, and where you can have a chance at life.

Are you planning on leaving Lebanon?

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Editorial Purpose: We are sharing this piece of content to give a voice to our people and possibly mobilize change.