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Tanya Maalouf 13 Jul 2020

Chef Antoine Makes It To The NY Times For His Meat-Free Recipes

As the economic crisis continues to worsen in Lebanon with no sustainable solutions in sight, it has also become the a hot subject for international media.

A recent article by The New York Times titled “Bartering Child’s Dress for Food: Life in Lebanon’s Economic Crisis” reports on the devaluation of the lira, the skyrocketing prices of basic necessities, the irregular power cuts leaving Lebanon in darkness, the role of the banking system in the crisis, and more.

The article also features Chef Antoine for providing meat-free recipes during his TV show due to the exorbitant prices of beef in the market.

Chef Antoine, who once hilariously kicked off his vegan burger recipe with 500 g of ground beef, is now providing tips on how to keep dishes tasty with less oil, fewer eggs, and cheaper vegetables to cater for this new tragic reality many are living in Lebanon.

Before going on air last week, Chef Antoine told the NY Times that what counted as affordable recipes was a moving target. “Beef got expensive so we moved to chicken, and now people are telling me that chicken is expensive, too,” he said.

During his show, he also received calls from viewers struggling to maintain their food amid the current power cuts, to which he offered solutions.

“What is important for me with my program is to help people to continue to eat,” he said.

As easy as is to make light of this situation, it is a heartbreaking reality that feels like a punch to the gut. Many vulnerable families are genuinely on the lookout for more affordable alternatives to be able to put food on their tables and feed their children, and Chef Antoine is aiming to help.

How much further can this go?

Editorial Purpose: We are sharing this piece of content to give a voice to our people and possibly mobilize change.

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