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William Daou 14 Jul 2020

Man Who Stole $160K From Bread Republic Caught

On June 28th, social media was abuzz with a video of two men carrying a large safe down a street in Achrafieh. As details emerged, it was revealed that the safe in question belonged to the bakery and cafe Bread Republic, and it had nearly $160,000 in cash.

You can watch the video here:

Upon investigation, Security Forces were able to track the men down and return the money to its rightful owners. Considering the fact that the man in question is of Sudanese nationality, we of course expect an onslaught of racist and ignorant comments, the first of which can be seen below on Annahar’s tweet regarding the matter.

Good to see that as the country pummels further into the abyss, racism remains alive and kicking.