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Lama Hajj 06 Aug 2020

Lebanese People Step Up In The Shadows Of An Absent Government And System

Lebanese citizens have stepped up yet again in the shadows of an absent ruling class and a government that satisfies itself by releasing blank statements and band-aid responses.

Since every parliamentarian, minister, government representative, security official, customs director, port authority, and gatekeeper who knew about the 2,750 tonnes of volatile explosive material that was waiting to decimate the city actively ignored it, we know better than to expect much of these people.

Lebanese people from all over the country have grabbed broomsticks, water, and food, and headed to the affected areas in Beirut to help with lifting rubble and aiding victims.

Volunteers even worked on reuniting pets that were lost during the blast with their families.

We can’t but salute the brave members of the Civil Defense and Red Cross who are actively working on rescuing victims still trapped under the rubble. You are doing the unspeakable.

We are looking forward to the next empty statement from our unelected officials.