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Tala Ramadan 24 Aug 2020

Man Attempts To Set Himself On Fire Outside A Bank In Saida

According to the NNA, a citizen who was not permitted to transfer money to his daughter abroad tried to set himself on fire outside a bank in the Southern city of Saida.

Luckily many people rushed to the scene and were able to rescue him.

An upsetting video highlighting the man’s ongoing struggle was shared on social media showing the Lebanese man yelling and weeping next to Blom Bank, asking for his money.

This comes after Banque Du Liban issued a new circular with updated regulations concerning money transfers to students abroad, with the stringent conditions being too difficult for most families with kids abroad to meet.

Meanwhile, there has been no real and lasting efforts made by the Central Bank nor by the government to ensure that Lebanese students studying and living abroad don’t go broke or starve.